2 August 2022
Press Release / Groma GPS & Machine Automation



Groma brings AI-assisted solutions to renewable energy industry


ISTANBUL, September 9, 2022 — Technology company Groma is positioned to lead the industry toward new horizons with its official launch. Driven by a community of engineers, leaders, and developers from Türkiye, the United States, and virtually all over the world, Groma’s dedicated research & development facility is introducing the next stage in IT advancements though their cutting-edge AI technology solutions. Their vision is to introduce platforms that allow people and machines to work together in the fields of software, mechanical product design, simulation, electronics, and hydraulics.


“Groma is available to help you efficiently develop your own solutions in the machine control & automation, hardware/software, and other key technology needs,” said CEO Patrick Morgan. 


Such needs include capturing data for required reporting which is something Groma’s GENIUS package can deliver with ease. The current patent-pending evolving platform will present the most accurate software and efficient hardware that reduces time and expense for SolarPV operators on a global scale. Data analytics will not only assist in operation, but will also help improve automation performance and help impact the bottom line for operators.


Whether it’s automated operation, software enhancement, or connected machine optimization, Groma stands at the ready to bring every sector into the future.


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Groma GPS & Machine Automation is located in GOSB Teknopark Türkiye as a wholly owned member of the BuildRE business family which is headquartered in Houston, TX. The company’s focus is developing innovative GPS and Automation features as part of the overall research and development for the BuildRE solar energy group. 



Patrick Morgan

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