Pile Drivers
  • Designed from the ground up for high production & efficiency.
  • Ergonomic machine controls with Remote Control available.
  • Ability to perform piling, ground screwing and drilling operations.
  • Design features that allow for easy maintenance.
  • Manufactured with the latest design & technology developments.
  • Available in Core-Smart-Genius technology packages.
Model SPD33
Mast Height 4560 mm
Max Pile Height 3300 mm
Weight 3000 kg
Transport dimensions WxLxH 2105x3515x2315 mm
Hammer Rate 900 J
Diesel Engine Deutz Tier 4 /44.5 kw
Driving Max Speed (Two Modes) 2.5- 5 km/h
Mast Left – Right Tilt Angle ±15°
Boom Extension F/B 330 mm
Max. Vertical Angle ±10°